Hey everyone, quick update as I got some great news this week. My Pet Scan came back negative, no evidence of cancer in my lung (99% gone) and no cancer in my hip or tailbone. Pretty much cancer free for now but still likely to come back one day, who knows….. This news is as good it as gets and about as extreme as it gets from where I started 3 months ago… let’s party.

What does this mean?  Well I had expected one of three things:

A) Improvement from the 75% decrease from 6 weeks ago

B) No improvement and stuck at 75%

C) Cancer had gotten more aggressive

Though I had hoped for it, I did not expect news this good. My doctor would not use words like ‘remission’ and said that it is very likely that the cancer will come back one day but he did say this is wonderful news and congratulated me on the way out. I will probably stay on Tarceva for the rest of my life, until it runs out on me or there is a better drug that comes along. I will continue to see my doctor monthly for blood tests and every 3 months for pet scans to make sure there is no downturn. This is a very big battle won for me.

My buddy Adam Goldstein (we call em Goldie) came along for this doctor appt and took this picture below of me and Dr. Lieber as he was walking us out. Goldie added a little message to the pic that I think sums it all up.


Thank you so much for your support these last 3 months, more to come.


    1. Congratulations. I am fighting the same battle you are and having success with Tarceva. You do not mention Gods role in all of this. I know he has been at the center of my success. I hope he is a part of your life as well. Prayer works! I look forward to continued good news for you. I love all of your comments about living. I try so hard to stay alive that sometimes I do forget about living. Thanks for the reminder

  1. Such incredibly awesome news, Alex!!! Sending the very best thoughts, prayers and hugs your way!!!


  2. Hey, Alex – way to go! I heard this news yesterday from your mom in an email message – needless to say I was overjoyed for you. Also congratulated your parents and the rest of your family (and friends) who were at your side every step of the way….your positive attitude and maybe a few (thousand) prayers helped to come to this point…hooray and hallelujah! ;-)) (cousin) June…;-))

  3. As I shared with you personally, this is fabulous news…and please send back the $18 I spent whale watching.

  4. AWESOME NEWS!!! This is a huge victory! So very happy for you and proud of how you’ve persevered these past few months. Gabby has a great role model in her uncle Alex. Love, Cris and Gabby

  5. Alex,

    We’re both so thrilled for you. This is a true Miracle! Prayer’s will continue to come your way. This is a true Celebration.

    Love, Mara & Jim (Linda’s sister)

    Mara Joyce

  6. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Fingers crossed that you will continue to receive only good news.

    Love from Holly & Ron

  7. This is the best news! I am so happy for you and your family. Sending love and a big high five your way! What a blessing!!

  8. This is a huge victory in this war. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball! We’re in this together bro, no matter what!

    GOLDIE – Great job with the pic!

    JOSH – Alex asked that I drop the $18 off to you at the office on Monday, if that works?!

    God is good! I prayed everyday for this…I’m so happy for you and our family right now!!!

    Love Deno

    P.S. – F to the motherfucking C biatch!!!

  9. YES! Such amazing news Alex!! Positive thinking plays such a huge part, I truly believe that. Your positivity & strength is your best weapon in this fight & I’m so happy to see you kick it’s a@$!

  10. 99% gone!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s what I call AMAZING news! I read this post with a huge smile on my face….I’ll continue praying! I know you have so much positive energy which is a huge factor. xoxo

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